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Total Dependence


When you are angry at me for my wrong choices I try to pacify You

by avoiding sins in the future;

Please teach me that I cannot fulfill Your law,

that trying to is counting on my own righteousness,

that it is only Christ’s Righteousness, prepared ahead of time, finished, and

perfect for this purpose;

that when You correct me for my sin it is not so I will try to improve, but so

that I will be more humbled, grieved, and removed from sin, by

becoming reconciled, and made right with God by faith in Christ.

that an appreciation of my sufficiency and strength in Him is one measure

of my being steadfast;

that I can never be made righteous by relying on faith in myself, but by

trusting in You as my only way to grow in righteousness, by faith.

that if I abandon this faith I abandon You, for it is by faith that I appreciate You, and as

You are very precious, so my faith in You is very precious to me;

that I fall short of the purity You require because when I think I am holy, I am not truly

seeking holiness, or, believing I am inadequate, I give up and quit.

Correct me for not being as holy and pure as I should be, or as holy as I am able to be made

through Christ, for You are all, and to have You is to have All.

But to make something of myself in my own power is to build a chasm between you and me

so that I do not and cannot live humbly and holily.

Precious Father, please forgive me for depending on faith in myself to become righteous.


All of these prayer prompts are inspired by a book of prayers written by the Puritans. I highly recommend purchasing the book. The prayers are beautifully written, while my prayer prompts are simplified to the point of losing their poetic refinement.

All prayers inspired by:

Bennett, Arthur. The Valley of Vision A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions. East Peoria: Versa Press, Inc.,, 1975.

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