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Life After Deschooling

You have deschooled yourself and your children and your spouse and made a stab at deschooling the grandparents. Now What?! Now you begin to explore how you want your home education experience to flow. This should be much easier now that you have some idea of how your children learn and what their interests are.

Getting started should be an all-hands-on-deck activity. Boy did I mess this part up! And boy was I overwhelmed! Research away but then share what you’ve learned with the family and get their thoughts and opinions. I wish I had never bought a single thing without input from my husband and kids. That doesn’t mean that I would have changed my mind on some of the things that I love and the kids don’t, but it would have helped me find a balance much sooner. A ton of helpful insight will be revealed through the deschooling process, but including your family in the decision making process will save you a lot of frustration and tears - theirs, yours, and maybe your spouses.

A quick Google search will not get the job done here. If you have met one homeschool family, you have met just that - one homeschool family. There are so many good and right ways to educate your children. The key is finding what works for each of your children and what works for your family.

I am going to keep to the basics to get started. In the following posts we will skim the surface of general homeschool styles, curriculum types, and planning options.

But before we dive in, repeat after me (in your very best southern accent): Nothing is set in stone. Anything can be changed at any time and for any reason. If it doesn't fit, ditch it!

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