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Homeschooling in Arkansas

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

This is just a brief overview of Arkansas Homeschool Laws. Check out the Home School Legal Defense Association for more comprehensive information.

Arkansas is a low regulation state. Meaning there is very little state oversight or restriction. School is required for children ages 5-17. There are no teacher qualification requirements, state mandates on subjects, required assessments, or immunization requirements. Your child may be able to participate in sports and other activities regulated by the Arkansas Activities Association at their discretion.

Notice of Intent to homeschool forms must be submitted annually to the superintendent of your local school district. These forms can be found on the HSLDA website or the Arkansas Department of Education website.

If your child meets the eligibility criteria established by IDEA, they have access to the same services as private school students.

There is no legal requirement to maintain records for the state of Arkansas, however, this is encouraged.

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