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Faith & the World


The world is skillful in to ensnare,

invites in fascinating disguise,

offers many enticing baits,

presents many a charmer and flatter.

Help my faith carefully examine every shiny object,

and escape every bewitching snare,

with a victory that overcomes every battle.

In everything I do, give me toughness, energy, determination,

devotion to Your cause,

courage in Your name,

love as a working grace,

and all these equal with my trust in You.

Let faith flow from me in immense authority,

and let love answer with fervor in every circumstance.

I too often grieve when I don’t feel the presence of my beloved Lord,

whose expression makes this earth into paradise,

whose voice is the sweetest music,

whose companionship gives all kindnesses depth.

But it is my own unbelief that keeps You outside my heart’s door.

Let faith open the door so that You may be in my heart forever.

Your word is full of promises,

sweet smelling flowers,

refreshing flavorful fruit

when collected by faith.

May I be made rich in the riches of Your Word,

be strengthened in its power,

be made happy in its joy,

live in its sweetness,

indulge in its preciousness

draw endurance from its gift.

Lord increase my faith as the world tries to make You seem insignificant.

All of these prayer prompts are inspired by a book of prayers written by the Puritans. I highly recommend purchasing the book. The prayers are beautifully written, while my prayer prompts are simplified to the point of losing their poetic refinement.

All prayers inspired by:

Bennett, Arthur. The Valley of Vision A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions. East Peoria: Versa Press, Inc.,, 1975.

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