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I hang on to You; I see, I believe, I live,

when Your will, not mine, is done;

I cannot even beg for anything in myself

in regard to any worthiness and grace,

in regard to Your providence and promises,

but only in Your desire to provide at Your pleasure.

If in Your mercy You make me poor and of no value, bless You for it!

Prayers that come from my needs are preparing me for the need of Your future mercies.

Help me to honor You by believing truth before acting on my feelings.

for terrible is the sin of letting my feelings determine my faith,

or waiting on my feelings to be obedient.

Show me what sins separate me from You

and put a barrier between us.

Help me to choose to humble myself for past evils,

to be determined to live with more awareness of my behavior,

For if I have no desire or make no attempt to walk in a holy way before You,

how can I be certain of my salvation?

that I have made you Lord of my Life?

It is the humble, not the proud, who are shown Your promises,

who know Your will, who are forgiven and healed,

who by faith depend and rest on Your grace,

who are made more godly and strengthened,

who show evidence of Your love.

Help me to pray in faith and so find Your will,

by leaning hard on Your rich free mercy,

by believing You will give everything You have promised’

Strengthen me to pray with certainty,

that whatever I receive is a gift from You,

so that I may pray without ceasing;

Teach me to believe that all levels of mercy come

from several levels of prayer,

that when my faith was started it was imperfect and needed to grow,

as cracked dry ground opens wider and wider until rain comes.

So shall I wait for Your will, pray for it to be done,

and with Your help and through Your grace, not my own strength, become fully obedient.

Divine Will: Text

All of these prayer prompts are inspired by a book of prayers written by the Puritans. I highly recommend purchasing the book. The prayers are beautifully written, while my prayer promts are simplified to the point of losing their poetic refinement.

All prayers inspired by:

Bennett, Arthur. The Valley of Vision A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions. East Peoria: Versa Press, Inc.,, 1975.

Divine Will: Text
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