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You are known but beyond our knowledge, 

revealed, but not completely revealed,

        my wants and well-being draw me to You,

        for you have never said, ‘Come to me in vain’.

To You I come in my difficulties, needs, troubles,

        Keep me with You,

with a spirit of grace and pleading

with a prayerful attitude and mind,

with access to the comfort of fellowship,

        so that in the regular issues of life my thoughts and desires I turn to You,

        and in habitual devotion I may find something that will

soothe my sorrows, purify my progress,

and grow me in every way for dealing with those around me.

I bless You that You have made me capable

        of knowing You, the creator of all being,

        of resembling You, the perfection of all virtue

        of enjoying You, the source of all joy.

O God, pay attention to me in every part of my demanding and rigorous journey,

        I need the same guidance, protection, and comfort You have always given.

Let my faith be at the forefront of my mind, and obvious to those around me.

While Jesus represents me in heaven, may I reflect Him here on earth,

While He pleads my cause, may I continually praise Him.

Please continue Your gentleness and goodness toward me,

And whether I am awake or asleep, be with me and bless me.

You have led me and I see that Your promises are true,

I have been sad, but You have been my help,

fearful, but You have rescued me,

in despair, but You have lifted me up.

Your truth is always with me, and I praise You, O God.

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All of these prayer prompts are inspired by a book of prayers written by the Puritans. I highly recommend purchasing the book. The prayers are beautifully written, while my prayer promts are simplified to the point of losing their poetic refinement.

All prayers inspired by:

Bennett, Arthur. The Valley of Vision A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions. East Peoria: Versa Press, Inc.,, 1975.

Know Thy Self: Text
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