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My name is Kayla West. I am so glad you stopped by! I am a speech-language pathologist specializing in literacy intervention. 

You may be here because you or your child have tried tons of literacy programs but nothing seems to work.

Let's chat! I may have a solution to end your struggles.

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My Story

After more than a decade of providing speech-language therapy services across multiple settings, scouring through multiple literacy programs, advocating for students in schools who were struggling with literacy despite specialized instruction, and partnering with reading specialists, I founded Wests’ Way Therapy LLC.


Language therapy and literacy intervention provided by Wests’ Way Therapy reaches beyond the struggling reader's outward symptoms and into the source of the struggle itself. Using a whole-child therapeutic approach that addresses the underlying cause of a child’s learning difficulty, I help children develop neural connections and engage parts of the brain that are not targeted using traditional literacy programs. When crossed wires and interrupted connections are “healed” children no longer need to rely on compensatory strategies, which only mask language and literacy deficits. These new connections improve overall learning abilities, global language skills, memory, coordination, and much more.


I would love to be able to help you succeed! 

Let's connect.

(870) 588-7781

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